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Founding Partner
Aytaç MANÇO, Dipl. Arch. - GSA

Work Experiences Abroad
Hubert Michel Architecture Office, Munich / Germany 1965-67
Technical Office Chief

Red Cross Nurses’ Multi Storey Dormitory, Munich / Germany

Rodenstock Optic Shops, Munich / Germany

Barmezingen Brueder Hospital Complex, Munich / Germany

Barmezingen Brueder Nursing Home, Munich / Germany
Redcross Old Nurses’ Church, Munich / Germany

Mutterheim (Tired Mothers' Clinic), Regen / Germany

Regensburg University Menza Competition Project, Regen / Germany
1st Mention
With Cristoph Yelin, Dipl. Arch. and Heinz Tesar, Dipl. Arch.

New Museum Building Competition Project, Munich / Germany
Primary School Competition Project, Regen / Germany
Participation, with Cristoph Yelin, Dipl. Arch.

Saudi Royal Palace, Jeddah / Saudi Arabia 1967-69
Private Architect of Saudi Royal Family

Dar-El Hannan Girls' School for Queen Iffet, Jeddah / Saudi Arabia
10 Duplex Villas for Queen Iffet, Jeddah / Saudi Arabia

2 Duplex Houses for Princess Latifah, Jeddah / Saudi Arabia

4 Duplex Houses for Mrs. Mozaffar Rifat, Jeddah / Saudi Arabia

Restoration Of Taif Palace, Taif / Saudi Arabia

Mansion for Princess Sara and Prince Mohammed Bin Saud, Jeddah / Saudi Arabia

House On The Cliffs for Foreign Minister Prince Saud Bin Faisal, Taif / Saudi Arabia

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